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Music Café
Two Scoops Records/2002


1) Music Café
E. Moore 4:55

2) Left Handed
E. Moore 3:24

3) Makin' Bones
E. Moore 2:40

4) Keep Me In Mind
E. Moore 4:06

5) Put Your Hands Together
E. Moore 3:10

6) Big Ugly Fella
E. Moore 3:59

7) Clean Clean Clean
E. Moore 4:18

8) Pulling My Chain
E. Moore 2:29

9) All The Things I Didn't Do
E. Moore 2:38

10) Let's Eat!
E. Moore 3:10

11) We'll Be Found
E. Moore 2:25

12) Santa Whatcha Doin'?
E. Moore 2:25

13) Uncle Red
E. Moore 3:09

14) Hamburger Time
E. Moore 3:55

15) Don't Have To Drink It Here
E. Moore 3:24

All Songs by Eric Moore, Clean Plate Music (ASCAP)
All original music copyrighted by Eric Moore. All Rights Reserved

Eric "Two Scoops" Moore
Vocals, piano, melodica

Duke Robillard*
Guitars, background vocals

Doug James*
Baritone saxophone

"Sax" Gordon Beadle**
Tenor saxophone

Marty Ballou
Acoustic bass

Mark Teixeira
Drums, percussion

Amy Moore
Voice of hungry woman (track 10)

Lucy Mae Robillard
Barking & growling (track 8)

*appears courtesy of Stony Plain Records
**appears courtesy of Bullseye Blues & Jazz

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