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Cleanplate Clean Plate
Clean Plate Records/1998


1) Pork Chops

E. Moore

A tribute to a sandwich we get on the corner of Maxwell and Halsted in Chicago. I always eat a couple of 'em before trying on suits for that honest fit.

2) Twelve Inches

T. Hambridge, S. Baglio, E. Moore

There is nothing like the feeling of setting the needle down in the groove and hearing that crakle as the old masters come alive once again. Like tree rings of musical history.

3) Same Old Girl

E. Moore

Find a good woman and stick with her. I live on a dead end street and wouldn't have it any other way.

4) Rockin' Doc Rocker

E. Moore

"Tell 'm, Doc"

5) Old Wine, Young Women

E. Moore, J. Gordon

These are a couple of my favorite things.

6) The Place of Love

E. Moore

Use your life wisely.

7) Let's Get Hammered

T. Hambridge

The more you drink, the better we sound! The more we drink, THE BETTER YOU LOOK!

8) True Blues

E. Moore

Sometimes when people let you down, it's good to have the BLUES around.

9) Towards Josephine

E. Moore

This never happened! It's only a song! I was just having fun!!

10) Stop Shopping Mama!!

E. Moore

This happens every day to millions of sons and husbands all over the world. Something should be done!

11) Pill Takin' Woman

E. Moore

Just because it's legal doesn't make it right.

12) "Washtub" Robbie

E. Moore

One of my oldest and dearest friends, he smuggled pastrami past the nurses when my prognosis was poor.

13) I'll Be Gone

E. Moore

I wrote this for my baby when they took away my phone in the hospital.

14) Here Tomorrow, Gone Today

E. Moore

Some people don't know love when it stares them in the face.

All original music copyrighted by Eric Moore. All Rights Reserved

Eric "Two Scoops" Moore
Vocals, piano, Hammond B3

"Sax" Gordon Beadle
Tenor saxophone

Tino Barker
Baritone saxophone, horn arrangements

Jesse Williams
Doghouse, electric bass

Tom Hambridge
Drums, background vocals

Leonardo Boni (Leonard Goodies)
Guitar, banjo track 12

Jimmy Gordon
Harmonica tracks 3,8,12

"Washtub" Robbie Phillips:
Washtub bass track 12

Milton Reder
2nd guitar tracks 2,14

Dr. Arthur Lauretano
Lead guitar track 4

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