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Big Buffet Combo Platter
Two Scoops Records/2006


1) Big Buffet
E. Moore 4:01

2) Two Scoops
E. Moore, G. Beadle 2:46

3) He Quit
E. Moore, G. Beadle 2:48

4) Loading Dock Baby
E. Moore, G. Beadle 3:59

5) Big Fat Mama
copywrite control 2:32

6) Bug Stomp
E. Moore, G. Beadle 2:40

7) Pork Chops
E. Moore 2:06

8) Twelve Inches
T. Hambridge, S. Baglio, E. Moore 3:26

9) Place of Love
E. Moore 3:27

10) Stop Shopping Mama
E. Moore, G. Beadle 3:10

11) Saxident
E. Moore 2:51

12) No Good For Nothin'
E. Moore, G. Beadle 2:50

13) Auto Service Hell
E. Moore 2:21

14) Save Me Some Time
E. Moore 3:49

15) Earl's Boogie
G. Beadle 4:02

16) Left Handed
E. Moore 3:26

17) Clean Clean Clean
E. Moore 4:20

18) Let's Eat!
E. Moore 3:12

19) Hamburger Time
E. Moore 3:57

20) Old Whiskey
E. Moore 3:42

21) Shake It!
G. Beadle 2:34

All Songs by Eric Moore, Clean Plate Music (ASCAP)
All original music copyrighted by Eric Moore. All Rights Reserved

Piano/Vocals/B-3 Organ/Melodica
Eric "Two Scoops" Moore

Tenor Sax
"Sax" Gordon Beadle
Jim King

Baritone Sax
Doug "Mr. Low" James
Tino Barker

Trumpet, Coronet
John Abrahamsen

Jimmy Gordon
Henry Spencer
Jim King

Leonardo Boni
Milton Reder
Dr. Arthur Laurentano
Jimmy Gordon
Duke Robillard*

Jesse Williams
Guy Quintino
Bill Freckleton
Marty Ballou
Bjorn Burnell
John Sciascia

Tom Hambridge
Cutts Peaslee
Jim Plano
Mark Teixeira
Chris Stovall Brown
Mickey Bones

Hungry Woman
Amy Moore
*appears courtesy of Stony Plain Records

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