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Eric "Two Scoops" Moore at Luso Food and Wine (Can't Be Satisfied) {C}

More About Eric "Two Scoops" Moore (The Interview!) (Can't Be Satisfied)

Eric "Two Scoops" Moore at the Pacific Place Mall (Jet City Blues)
Fan Mail

Below is a sampling of some of our recent fan mail. We appreciate hearing from all of you!
Two Scoops,

I heard you for the first time last night at the New Orleans, and you were fantastic. I couldn't stop smiling and tapping my feet. I had never been to the New Orleans before either, but I'm so glad to have discovered it and your music. What a fun, lively vibe there was last night. I can't wait to bring more of my friends to see you play.

Thanks so much for the great music. I'll definitely catch another show soon.


I just wanted to give a big thank you to Eric, Hank and Cutz (sp?). the party was a HUGE success and the music was a big part of that success. Everyone had such a good time and the drummers were especially jazzed when the guys joined in on their African drumming piece. 
Thank you so much again and I hope that one day there might be another occasion where I can hire Two Scoops again but in the meantime I will definitely refer them to others.   

Caught Mr. Moore's act last night at the North Bend Blues Walk. Absolutely fabulous. Hope to see him again soon. Look for the girl in the hat. LOL

Amy and Eric,
It was such a pleasure meeting you! Everybody there loved your music and hoped for more. We wished to have you back on Sunday if there was an opening, but unfortunately, the program was full and we couldn't make it happen. We will be planning next year's Fair, and we will make sure to invite you again and have you for both days, so everybody can enjoy your music, talents and what you bring wherever you go.
Thanks for your talents, charisma and devotion to each other!
We will be in touch.
Best regards,
Paulina and Rudy

Thank you so much for being a part of our anniversary party Saturday! You guys were such a hit - great music, got everyone on their feet. The photographer said he had trouble holding still to take photos!
I'm glad you sold CDs and that folks talked to you about future gigs.
We have never had a party like this before - this celebration of the store's 50th anniversary meant so much to very many people, those in the families who founded the store, employees who have worked, customers who have shopped in the stores over the decades. We feel the party was a grand success and are very grateful that you were a big part of giving it a party feel with your boogie-woogie music.
Thanks again,

Dear Mr.Moore, Would you be kind enough to let me know the total cost of one copy each of "Music Cafe","Hungry","Clean Plate"and"Big Buffet" sent to England by Air Mail in USD. Many thanks, Tom.
Dear Two Scoops, I was listening to Johnny Ferreira’s ‘Sax Radio” when one of your tracks was played and simply jumped out of the speakers. I’ve always thought that anyone who doesn’t love piano blues must have something seriously wrong with them. I've e-mailed Carol and look forward to ordering the CD’s. God bless you, Tom. P.S. A player in my local area, Ben Waters, is on You Tube. It would be wonderful if you were too
Subject: Connecticut// Fan's asking for your song's

Mr. Moore, I currently have Two Blues shows /  both on Tuesday's in Connecticut.  
Some listener is constantly calling asking for your material!!!!!/  she claims to have  Family in your area and, would like me to play some of your material// If you're available for a phone interview I'll do that so she can at least hear your voice!!!! / anything you can do to satisfy that listener will be appreciated!!!!!! 

- Ramblin' Bert / Blues Music Director  WECS / WHUS. 

I just want to say that since I recently heard "The Big Buffet" on the radio I have become a 'Two Scoops' Fan. I can't get enough of this great music. I'm always asking the WBOS in Boston to play this song and to my pleasure they comply. That starts a chain reaction of other people discovering 'Two Scoops'. Now that I know more about Eric I've learned that he has a significant fan base all over the world. You can be sure that I will continue to follow 'Two Scoops" music henceforth. I've begun collecting his music and I expect to get some other memorabilia  such as the Big Buffet poster and probably a couple of shirts. I also want to see some live performances and will be  paying attention to any tour schedule. Please keep up the EXCELLENT work!!

With my best regards,

I just found you quite by accident on Channel 77 which I never watch because all they ever show are shows with bad language and offensive animal photos, etc.  However, tonight I was very surprised with nothing but the pleasant music of your very talented combo; not to mention yourself.  I found your food theme very humorous and enjoyable.  It certainly fits todays world! It was also so nice that you didn't use any profanity!

You remind me a lot of the music that was on the Seattle club scene in the 1970's such as Ken Olendorf, Overton Berry, Johnny Lewis, etc.  Believe me, that's a compliment!

Keep up the good work and the great music!
- Penny

Hello Eric and Amy,
My son, 7 year old "Justice", who you may remember from your Crossroads mall in Bellevue performances over the years, thinks you absolutely walk on water!  We have the big buffet CD and he loves to dance the marionette (he asked Santa to bring him for Christmas) on his puppet stage to the first several songs-big buffet is his favorite though.  He will be doing his first "performance" to his favorite song for his elementary school talent show this spring, and cant wait.  I hope it is okay that he use this song of yours for his school talent show.  We hope you are well and look forward to seeing you perform again soon!
- Kelye

Great show on the Harbor Steps......Keep it up and hope to hear you again soon
- Dano

Hey Two Scoops,
Love your tunes man. I especially love the humor and personality you deliver.

Take care
- Jack

We heard you at Bumbershoot and it was fantastic! We would like a "second helping", and since we would be coming from the Olympic Peninsula, we need some directions to the place listed on your calendar for The Triple Door on 9-20. Thanks for a fun afternoon of dancing at Bumbershoot.
- Christine and friends

Hi Christine,
Thanks - glad you enjoyed the show! The band won't be performing on 9/20, it will be Eric "Two Scoops" Moore with other musicians for the grand opening of this new nightclub. Should be a lot of fun. It is at 216 Union St. in Downtown Seattle (206) 838-4333 or (206) 623-4450 - that's the Wild Ginger next door. If you call them, be sure to let them know you would be coming primarily to see Two Scoops!
Amy & Eric

Mr. Moore,
Enjoyed your performance at Third Place Books (7/11/2003) Sooo much! Great Music! Great Lyrics!!! Great Fun!!!

Thank you for your generosity and time to come to our area and play for our community audience!
- Susan

Hi  Eric & Mrs Moore,
 We thoroughly enjoyed your show at Normandy Park's (MarVista) last August. I particularly like your rendition of What'd I Say, Ray Charles style! And then terribly disappointed that you & your group are not on the venue there this summer. Especially after my wife & I told the North Park  committee how much we enjoyed your show last year. We thought it was the best in 2 to 3 summers.
Today we are going to Angle Lake to see your show . Hope we can get in because I suspect there'll be a crowd. Now that we have your web site we'll be following you around!
Gooed luck,
 - Chuck & Vicky 

I heard the song Grampa's Car on the Click and Clack show on NPR and wanted to get a copy of it. Can you tell me what CD it's on?
- John

Hi John. Great minds think alike! See the comments below and stay tuned!
- Amy & Eric

I cannot decide whether I am a bigger "Car Talk" fan or "Two Scoops" fan.  I was introduced to Two Scoops' music by the "Blues After Hours" show on WGBH radio in Boston.  On the weekend of March 8, 2003 I heard Two Scoops' "Click N Clack" song on "Car Talk."  I went to your website and found out Two Scoops had a new record "Music Cafe" out.  I immediately ordered it from the nice people at Northwest Blues.  With my order, I said in the comments section that I would like to get a copy of this "Click N Clack" song.  They emailed me back and did not seem to know about this song. 

I have all of Two Scoops' records. I sure would like a copy of this song to complete my collection.   
- Joe

Thanks Joe. We're working on it. Keep your eye on the Stuff section of this site.
- Amy & Eric 

Love your music and my grandchildren love it too!
- Patty

Hi Amy and Eric,
Just wanted to let you know that your album(Music Café) is your best yet, and that's saying a lot (because the others are damn good too!).

- Sean

Hi folks,
I just wanted to let you know that heard some of the CD on the radio and it was great. I went to Easy Street Records in West Seattle to see if they had it. You should know that they told me several people had already been there asking for it as well! Tower Records told me the same thing. Can this CD only be purchased online?
Thanks for the info,
- Lisa

Thanks for asking Lisa. You can also order by regular mail. Just let us know what you want! The information is in the Stuff section.
- Amy & Eric

I love the album, am playing it in the car all the time. Like the design of the outer cover also. Very cute picture of you two inside. Thanks so much for the CD.
- Ricki

Hi Two Scoops & Amy,
I was just writing a quick line to say how great you and your music are! I am Sarah (we have met before, I am Gael's niece) and I was sitting around in my room listening to one of your cd's (I am an RA at University of Wisconsin Madison). As I was listening to your cd I kept having residents come in (I have 60 of them) and they couldn't get enough of your music. I just thought, considering it seems like they are always blasting the same pop all day every day, that you should hear how much everyone out here loves your music (especially impressive considering many of them have never really listened to anything but pop). We all enjoyed a little time to destress from finals by chillin to your tunes. Thanks for the great music and the fun times it brings.

- Sarah

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