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Fat Daddy
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Fat Daddy
Two Scoops Records/2009

"Eric's tunes are also about life and love as he sees it, all the while championing the working man and woman. Take your scoop and dig in because there are 14 delicious tunes on this CD. So fill up - Let's Eat!"
- Holly Harris,

Music Cafe
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Big Buffet Combo Platter
Two Scoops Records/2006

Big Buffet Combo Platter:
- 21 select cuts from 6 CDs 1993-2006
- Saucy Songs about food, life, love
- Boogie-Woogie, Blues, Swing, Rock\'n\'Roll
- Hot Sax by "Sax" Gordon Beadle
- Guitar by Duke Robillard

"Moore is a strong soulful singer and a ferocious keyboard player. He clearly loves what he does and it shows in his roof-raising, good time music."

Music Cafe
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Music Café
Two Scoops Records/2002

"It's one of the most entertaining projects I've ever been part of! Highly Recommended."
-Duke Robillard, Producer/Guitarist

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Two Scoops Records/2000

The Chef of Boogie Woogie serves up another platter of fun - 16 tracks of hilarious original songs about car trouble, bad credit, underachieving and overconsuming, with a little romance thrown in. The main ingredients are Two Scoops' baritone vocals and rollicking barrelhouse piano and the honking, wailing tenor of "Sax" Gordon (of the Duke Robillard Band), dueling with Northwest tenorman, Jim King. The rockin' and swingin' rhythm section includes Guy Quintino, Bill Freckleton (bass), Jim Plano and Cutts Peaslee (drums), with a couple of tracks spotlighting Dave Conant on guitar.

Clean Plate Clean Plate
Clean Plate Records/1998

The follow up to the critically acclaimed "Big Buffet" is a good time party record, featuring an all star cast. Feast your ears on Two Scoops' rollicking barrelhouse piano, the wailing tenor of "Sax" Gordon Beadle, the sensitive guitar of Leonard Boni, the hauntingly beautiful harmonica of Jimmy Gordon, the thumping bass of Jesse Williams, and the pounding drums of Tom Hambridge. One song showcases the guitar of Dr. Arthur "Rockin' Doc Rocker" Lauretano, the surgeon who literally saved Two Scoops' neck!

Big Buffet Big Buffet
Two Scoops Records/1996

Better 'n' Better, Bye 'n Bye Better 'n' Better, Bye 'n' Bye
Two Scoops Records/1998

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